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After months on the road, Samecity takes their new found artistry and channels it into a fun, upbeat, diverse, and catchy new set of songs. In collaborating with artists like Dave Stovall from Audio Adrenaline, Brad Noah from Disciple, and Greg Hagen (Little Big Town, Jordin Sparks, and more) Samecity delivers a more matured artistry through their musicianship. Afterglow offers a new and fresh sound and direction as the band explores uncharted territory in the pop-rock realm.

“"There’s An Ocean,” the group’s sophomore release due early January, offers 6 tracks that showcase the group’s diversity and maturity as song-writers" - Jacqueline Cassell,

six tracks of elevated pop-rock, slick rhythms, and strong harmonies, There’s an Ocean is easily on par with the best of them like Paramore and Yellowcard" - Savannah Davanzo, BuzzArtist

After nearly a year and a half of writing, recording, and late night demo sessions, Samecity is proud to release our newest EP, "There's An Ocean." The 6 song EP offers a fresh and new sound that ",,,shows their growth and maturity as musicians and writers..." (Susan Hubard, East of 8th Blog) With soaring vocals, punchy rhythm sections, and layered synth leads "There's An Ocean" pushes the boundaries of musicianship and song-writing for the group, and, according to Jacqueline Cassell of "...promises not to disappoint."